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PI Sales Ambassador Denver

Business Development Leader


About Straightline Consulting Group

We are life-long entrepreneurs and consultants who have used human analytics, behavioral interviewing techniques, and the best cognitive and behavioral tools available anywhere to identify and select top-performing sales superstars, customer service experts, and a host of natural fits for various positions in our own organizations. We have experienced and seen the incredible business altering results first hand, and we are raving fans of the science, tools, and analytics that allowed us to build great organizations.  

We know these tools and our applications simply work unlike anything else in existence and are passionate about teaching other organizations how they can create the company they've always envisioned.

Job Overview

We teach companies how to solve their people problems so they can get back to growing and running their businesses. We give organizations of all sizes and across all sectors the tools and education so they can successfully and consistently find, hire, and keep the best people fully engaged and wildly productive, so they don't leave once they're trained. We work with clients throughout the United States and are searching for a Business Developer to acquire new client relationships.


We hire on Head, Heart, and Briefcase. This means that we're not looking solely at what you've done in the past and basing a decision on your last job(s); we look to see who is naturally wired for the role, what your values are, and if you have any pre-existing and relevant skills. 


In this role, you will be responsible for connecting quickly with prospects (mostly via telephone) and asking qualifying questions in order to close them for a formal meeting/presentation with our executive team.


Business Developer responsibilities and duties


  • Cold and warm outreach to businesses to set a meeting with their C-Level executives for Talent Optimization presentation

  • Ensure decision-makers are on the call

  • You will use phone, and email-based cold outreach to gain and develop new potential customers

  • Maintain a timeline of all customer-related activities using HubSpot CRM


Culture & Heart

Sometimes the best opportunities are hidden by self-doubt. We disqualify ourselves before we have the opportunity to be considered. Regardless of where you came from, how you identify, or the path that led you here--, you are welcome. If you read this job description with a belly full of excitement, we’re just as excited about you. But you have to apply.  :)


Business Developer qualifications and skills


  • The ability to become a subject matter expert on the job

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