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Sailing Against the Wind

An Interview with Katie Sowers

Introducing PI Design


The annual talent optimization conference

OPTIMA brings together the best minds in business to learn cutting edge strategies for designing, hiring, and inspiring high-performing teams.

Dawn Sharifan

Head of People @ Slack



What is OPTIMA?

OPTIMA is the annual talent optimization conference that will provide insights to push your company to the next level.

As a business leader, it’s your objective to ensure your company is putting your talent in positions that will crush the competition. The ultimate goal of talent optimization is to align your people strategy with business strategy — this starts by taking an intentional and data-driven approach to getting the people part right.

Dream Teams

"I feel like I attended the best kept secret in all of business."

Inc Magazine Conference

"Most conferences are either about business or people strategy. OPTIMA is about the integration of your business strategy and people strategy.

Gene Hammett

Speaker, strategic adviser for growth, and host of the ‘Growth Think Tank’ podcast


Endless Opportunities

This conference is for leaders who are looking to learn cutting edge strategies on designing, hiring, and inspiring high-performing teams.

What you will discover at OPTIMA:

  • Dynamic sessions with A-list speakers from various industries

  • Real-world case studies on how to scale your business

  • Peer networking with business leaders, HR leaders, and consultants

  • Education and career advancement

OPTIMA Conference
Optima Conference

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May 12, 2021



All Keynote Presentations

The Talent Optimization Hub



All Keynote Presentations

Breakout Sessions

Exclusive Q&A Sessions

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The Talent Optimization Hub

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