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How NISC bolstered its teams through the power of self-awareness

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NISC bolstered its teams through the power of self-awareness

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) is a supplier of software and hardware solutions. COVID-19 has thrown many industries off-course, but NISC was able to pivot quickly and transition 1,300 employees to remote work.

According to Matt Moorman, Senior Organization Development Specialist at NISC, remote work created challenges. The company had to re-emphasize the importance of how it hired and trained employees. “It’s tough to build relationships upfront when they’re cold, and through a computer,” he said.

Surrounded by uncertainty, NISC used our talent optimization platform to bolster its hiring practices, build cohesive teams, and promote a culture of emotional intelligence.

After seeing the suite of offerings you have, it just made a ton of sense..

Matt Moorman

Building cohesive teams

At NISC, cohesive teams are a fundamental part of the culture. “Relationships and teamwork are both shared values,” Moorman explained. In a new remote world, NISC relied on our methodology to attract the right talent: people who’d add to the culture and make it even stronger.

One critical team at NISC is support. Using our Behavioral Assessment, NISC found those team members who showed strong job fit all shared similar behavioral patterns. Recruitment tailored its job listings and interview questions accordingly, which increased the odds of landing the right talent.

But hiring confidently was only the first step; it was also important that new hires fit with their teams. NISC took a unique approach, pairing each hire with a mentor. Using our framework, mentors and mentees were able to be open with one another on the best ways they could work together to foster growth and success on the job.

Our tools and framework weren’t new to NISC prior to COVID-19. But the tools took on an even greater role in those months—to the excitement of NISC’s employees and peers.

You expect friction, but I haven't had any pushback. Everyone's been super receptive and excited about how we use your tools.

Matt Moorman

Developing greater self-awareness

Our Relationship Guide has also been helpful in ensuring team fit at NISC. “It’s a great way to objectify what are sometimes subjective conversations.” Moorman continued, “It helps externalize differences in how people see the world and puts everything on the table.”

Moorman cited his rapport with a colleague as an example. Despite working closely, the two differed greatly in terms of temperament. “We were pretty polarized when it came to working styles,” Moorman shared.

Moorman is a highly extraverted, big-picture thinker. His colleague had more introverted tendencies, with a high attention to detail. In the past, these behavioral differences might have been overlooked, but with our Inspire tools, Moorman and his colleague were able to discuss them openly and constructively.

I never thought twice about our relationship until we rolled out your tools and framework. It takes something that can be sensitive in nature and makes it easier to talk about.

Matt Moorman

Empowering teams through vulnerability

Vulnerability often carries a connotation of weakness or failure. But for NISC, it’s a measure of emotional strength—and a crucial driver of performance. 

According to Moorman, we provided the tools to embrace this vulnerability. “The more that people are open, honest, and vulnerable about who they are in the workplace, the more collaborative, innovative, and ultimately successful your business will be.”

Through our talent optimization insights, NISC streamlined its hiring and training. It also ensured strong relationships among employees, whether between a manager and employee, or a mentor and mentee.

“Our tools are perhaps most transformational with culture,” Moorman said. “Changing the minds and hearts of a workforce is no easy task, but a great first step is adopting the framework, methodologies and tools.”

Whether it's one person or hundreds, you need to understand what drives individuals in your workplace. They provide the tools and framework to help you get there.

Matt Moorman


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