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PI Integration with JazzHR

JazzHR can now integrate with The Predictive Index! Both JazzHR and PI offer no-cost access to our APIs to support integrations, but neither actually build the integration "bridge" between the systems. Someone must build that bridge and, fortunately, we have an integration solution provider who has built bridges between these two systems: Joynd.

Joynd's pricing is based on the headcount for your PI annual subscription, Joynd has different prices depending on whether you are using Behavioral only, Behavioral + Cognitive, with an add-on if you want Job Match Scores/Interview Guides. This integration requires no new custom development work, but they charge a one-time setup fee and an annual subscription fee.

Joynd provides a standard integration between JazzHR and Predictive Index. Features Include:

  • Behavioral report including Management Style, Selling Style and Influencing Style

  • JobProfile Fit/Match score

  • Interview Guides

  • Cognitive score

  • Overall score

  • PI reference profile

  • PI folder mapping

PI Integration with JazzHR

If your team wishes to move forward with investigating this integration, you can either contact the provider directly or I can introduce you via email. Contact us for more information at 720-808-5191

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