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The state of talent optimization 2020


Learn how to future-proof your own organization with Talent Optimization.



What does talent optimization look like in 2023?

Download the report to find out how companies are navigating an unprecedented labor market. In the results, one theme rings clear: Talent optimization is helping businesses avoid some of the sting of The Great Resignation by putting people in roles where they soar.


The 2023 Talent Optimization Report confirms that managers are catalysts for the sort of flexibility, empathy, and choice employees are insisting on. Managers are best positioned to enact a true people strategy, but only as long as they’re equipped with the right tools—like behavioral data. 

Senior leaders struggle with common challenges.

These are some of the top problems executives face—regardless of the industry they work in.

Straightline Consulting Group
We are Talent Optimizers

We provide the tools and training to develop your people plan and align it with your business plan so you can achieve your business goals. 

Start hiring and keeping the right people.

The cost of resignation.

For many, The Great Resignation is a grim reminder of The Great Recession of ‘08-’09, in which millions of workers lost their jobs and unemployment soared to as high as 10%.

But there’s a major difference between these two events. People are now leaving work of their own volition, and with good reason. COVID-19 created a space of deep introspection for many. That thinking led to a reassessment of work, life, and the balance between the two.

Work is on trial, and the verdict is in. Employees are done living on someone else’s terms. They’re demanding change from their employers, or else they’re willing to walk away. For these workers, the pandemic didn’t spark the fire; it simply fanned the flames.

As workers enjoy the most leverage they’ve had in their jobs in decades, employers are left grappling with the stakes. What’s the cost of employee attrition? When a person gives their two weeks, how does that impact the organization—and the peers they leave behind?

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