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Predictive Index Colorado Workshops

Workshops & Expert Consulting

At Straightline Consulting Group, we specialize in understanding what drives your people. With decades of science-backed insights, our workshops offer solutions for hiring, talent development, leadership, engagement, and developing and improving culture. Whether you’re facing challenges in these areas or seeking to enhance team dynamics, we are certified PI & Talent Optimization Consultants, Advisors and Trainers. We are equipped to guide you toward achieving and surpassing your business goals.

Most training is a waste of money.

So why does most employee training fail?


One reason is people don’t use the new skills they learned—and they’re soon forgotten.


Our workshops, coaching, and expert consulting services are highly actionable, so you can implement your learnings right away. 


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1:1 Hiring Strategy Session

1-hour session designed to help you attract top talent, increase retention, and hire top talent quickly.


Decode Workplace Behavior with PI

Apply PI insights in your organization for better performance, collaboration, and trust.

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Predict Candidate Success with PI Hire

Eliminate guesswork and increase your confidence in selecting the right individuals for your organization.


Develop Effective Leaders With PI Inspire

Build stronger 1:1 relationships, Motivate your people, communicate effectively, and achieve exceptional results.


Build High Performing Teams with PI Design

Demystify your team's troubles by understanding its collective strengths and weaknesses.

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Boost Employee Engagement with PI Diagnose

Leverage data to increase engagement and build a more motivated, productive, and effective workforce.

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Executive & Sales Coaching

Top performers all have coaches. Elevate your game and get to the next level with less friction.

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Tradeshow Selling Preparation Workshop

Prepare your tradeshow sales team to expertly engage, discover and close more opportunities than ever.

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Establish Your Purpose Values and Vision

Create and articulate your purpose, vision, and values into a meaningful battle cry and achieve like never before.

4 Steps to Successful Hiring
Hiring With Precision - Cover 700
Struggling to Find, Hire, and Retain Top Talent?

Unlock the secret to a seamless hiring process. Download our free ebook, "Hiring with Precision: The 4-Step DASH Method," and discover how to attract and secure the best candidates with ease.
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