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PI Workshop Drive Results With Talent

Decode Workplace Behavior with PI

Every person in your company has different strengths, weaknesses, drives, and needs at work. This workshop will teach your people the crucial skill of interpreting PI data and applying it to their daily work—for dramatically better results.

PI Workshops

Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners

  • Strategic HR professionals

  • PI program owners

  • Executives

  • C-suite professionals

PI Training
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NEW 1-Day In-Person Workshop

PI Certified Partner In Colorado

Unlock the ability to expertly interpret PI assessment results through our immersive workshop. Offered both in-person and virtually, this session provides you with the essential skills to decode PI data for anyone within your organization, leading to transformative insights and enhanced performance.

Certification and Resources:
Upon completion, you'll earn a certification from The Predictive Index, underscoring your expertise and boosting your professional standing. Additionally, you'll have access to exclusive resources, including:

Workshop Case Studies: Apply real-world scenarios to reinforce your learning.

Sandbox Account: Practice and refine your skills in a hands-on environment.

PI Guide to Reference Profiles and Teams: An award-winning comprehensive manual to optimize your application of PI insights.

People Data Toolkit: Enhance your knowledge and practical use of PI data.

Elevate your organization's effectiveness by mastering the interpretation of PI assessments, driving impactful change, and fostering a culture of excellence.

Learn how to create great culture
What Impact Will This Workshop Have On My Business?

As a result of this workshop, you’ll:

​    • Increase self-awareness across the organization.

    • Understand how to use PI behavioral insights in the business context.

    • Equip leaders to understand others to boost engagement and retention.

    • Learn to avoid common missteps when leading people.

    • Help your employees feel seen and heard.

Leadership Training

Our Decode Workplace Behavior with PI workshop is led by our team. Our highly experienced facilitators are experts in leadership development and team dynamics.


We are trained and certified instructors. With an average of 20 years of business and consulting experience, we help you optimize for business impact and performance.

Talent Optimization Consultant
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The Predictive Index is recognized by SHRM to offer SHRM-CP®or SHRM-SCP® professional development credits (PDCs).

Learn how to hire top talent

What you can expect.

Talent Optimization Experts In Atlanta

Learn how to boost self-awareness across your 
organization to improve working relationships, productivity, and engagement.

Learn how to help your employees feel seen and heard, increasing job satisfaction, retention, and overall organizational stability.

Discover how to use PI to improve performance across your entire organization.

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