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Forget Resumes & Interviews. Welcome to the Science of Talent.

CEO hiring amazing talent

Your Dream Team Isn't a Fantasy. It's a Blueprint.

Unlock the genetic code of a high-performing team with our potent mix of behavioral science and actionable insights. Isn't it high time your workforce became a competitive asset?

How to beat your competition

Dominate Your Market By Knowing What Others Guess At

Unearth your hiring potential through our revolutionary techniques that turn the human equation into your competitive edge.

Female Business Owners Hiring Smarter

Don't Just Celebrate Your Stars. Clone Them.

Replicate Your Best People

What if every role was filled with an MVP? We show you how to create a self-perpetuating cycle of excellence that cascades through your organization.

Jim Collins right people in the right seat

Jim Collins Was Right But Incomplete. We Fill In the Blanks.

Sure, getting the right people in the right seats is crucial. But how? We don't just philosophize; we provide you the roadmap through validated behavioral-based algorithms.

EEOC hiring guidelines
Hiring Without Data Isn't Just Risky; It's Reckless

Go beyond intuition. Our tools aren't just another pretty interface; they're battlefield-tested and science-approved.

DNV-gl Certified
American Psychological Association approved
siop approved
ITC approved
EEOC compliant

Drastically reduce your risk by adding rigor and data to your hiring process.

CEO Mike McKee Pulls Back the Curtain

Listen to why a seasoned CEO finds it bewildering—and frankly unacceptable—to not leverage science in your hiring.

PI cognitive Science

Cognitive Ability: The Underrated Secret Weapon

Stop losing money on wrong fits and training mishaps. Leverage our cognitive assessment as your laser-guided missile in a complex job market.

Hiring Talent made Easy
Streamline Your Hiring Process

Tired of hiring the wrong people?

Get your FREE copy of:

"4 Steps to Successful Hiring"

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