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Tradeshow Selling Workshop

Maximize Your Trade Show Investment

Executive Education

Why Trade Show Selling is Different

Trade show selling isn’t your everyday sales encounter. It’s a high-energy, fast-paced environment where every second counts. Here’s why trade show selling stands apart:

Format: The carnival-like atmosphere creates a neutral, unfamiliar environment with compressed dynamics—information, time, objectives, and agendas all clash.

Time: Limited and valuable, with dynamic priorities based on variables that can be both controllable and uncontrollable.

Customer Expectations: Extremely diverse and highly segmented, requiring a tailored approach for different buyer profiles.

Are you ready to transform your trade show experience into a powerhouse of lead generation and sales success?

Trade shows are a unique beast, vastly different from traditional sales environments.


They require a specialized approach to capitalize on the opportunities and navigate the challenges. Our Trade Show Selling (TSS) program is specifically designed to equip your team with the skills and strategies needed to thrive in this dynamic setting.

Executive Education

Our Approach: Synched, Focused, Psyched, and Linked

Our training program is built around four key objectives to ensure your team is fully prepared:

Synched Up: Align your expectations and communications.

Focused Up: Align your goals and objectives.

Psyched Up: Recognize and implement trade show best practices.

Linked Up: Align with buyers to enhance relationships.

Leadership Training
The Biggest Risks for Trade Show Attendees

Attendees have certain fears and turn-offs that can derail your sales efforts if not properly addressed:

Ignoring Attendees: Exhibit staff being preoccupied with phones or team conversations.

Product Dumping: Launching into a sales pitch or demo without understanding the attendee's needs.

Not Listening: Failing to listen and understand the attendee’s interests and purpose for attending.

Executive Education

Engagement Strategies

Our training includes practical strategies to ensure meaningful engagement with prospects:

Connect: Create meaningful connections by giving full attention and using friendly, courteous language.

Consult Quickly: Address attendee questions promptly and accurately.

Complete Professionally: Ensure all steps are either notated for future action or thoroughly completed.

Leadership Training
Core Elements of TSS Training
Inside-Out and Outside-In Coaching

Attendees have certain fears and turn-offs that can derail your sales efforts if not properly addressed:

Inside-Out: Focuses on a leader’s traits and motivations, helping clarify goals and how beliefs drive behaviors.

Outside-In: Centers on organizational goals, aiding leaders in understanding success metrics and external perceptions.

Leadership Training
Tailored Development

Each sales professional has unique strengths and areas for growth. Our coaching is highly personalized, using cutting-edge assessment tools to identify these areas and provide targeted coaching that drives individual and team performance.

Creating a Culture of Success

Sales success goes beyond hitting numbers; it’s about fostering a culture of excellence. Our program encourages continuous improvement and innovation, helping sales leaders build resilient, adaptable teams driven by a shared vision of success.

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