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Learn How To Attract, Hire & Keep Incredible Talent

PI Workshops

Who Will Benefit?

  • Business Owners

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Hiring Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Senior Executives

  • Leaders at any level

PI Training
Straightline Workshops

Do you have one or all of the following needs in your business today?

1 Hour Hiring Strategy Session - Virtual

PI Certified Partner In Colorado
  • The need to identify and hire the best person for the job

  • Consistent alignment with stakeholders on the ideal candidate

  • A repeatable process to cut bias and scale it across the entire business

  • The confidence to know your hiring process is working

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About Our 1:1 Hiring Strategy Session

Learn how to create great culture
What Impact Will This Session Have On My Business?

As a result of this session you’ll have:

  • An deep understanding of how to attract, hire and keep top talent for any role within your organization.

  • A strategic approach to the entire hiring process.

  • Increased retention of your best people and increased engagement.

Leadership Training

Our 1:1 Hiring Strategy Session is led by our team.


Our highly experienced facilitators and trainers are experts in Talent Optimization, Leadership Development, Sales Management, Sales Training, and Team Dynamics.


We are trained and certified instructors. With an average of 20 years of business and consulting experience, we help you optimize for business impact and performance.

Talent Optimization Consultant

The Predictive Index is recognized by SHRM to offer SHRM-CP®or SHRM-SCP® professional development credits (PDCs).

Learn how to hire top talent

What Will You Learn?

Talent Optimization Experts In Atlanta

By the end of this session, you will have:

  • Certainty when making a hiring decision.

  • The ability to identify the ideal candidate.

  • Achieve alignment between stakeholders.

  • Efficiency in ranking candidates

  • A defined Interview process

  • Custom & Structured Interview guides

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