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Colorado Hiring Experts

We Are Talent Optimization Experts.

If you're having difficulty finding great people, keeping great people, creating a great culture, and crushing your goals -- you've found your solution. We teach organizations how to use the four-part discipline of talent optimization to align your business strategy with your people strategy for jaw-dropping business results.

Straightline Consulting Group uses the absolute best people analytics and tools available. Our partnership with The Predictive Index along with decades of expertise gives you an unfair advantage. We are experts in Behavioral Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Executive Alignment, Team Design, Culture Creation, and Job Targets -- all designed for hiring, nurturing, and keeping incredible talent at all levels throughout your organization. 

Straightline Consulting Group helps organizations eliminate their people problems by using science to intelligently select the best candidate for each position. We remove bias and the headaches in the recruiting, assessing, interviewing, and hiring process.  

We serve Colorado-based companies anywhere in the state, including Aspen, Pueblo, Durango, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Vail, Montrose, and Breckenridge

Our spectacular 2-Day "Drive Results With Talent" workshop will empower your organization’s hiring experts to drive change and build a better workforce. You will learn how to apply our methodology throughout your organization to drive better teamwork, hires, engagement, and productivity.

We also offer a 1-Day workshop that's designed to get your management team on the same page and understand the language and impact our framework and the tools from the Predictive Index can have in your organization.


We mobilize your organization’s managers to assemble and lead high-performing teams.


Your team will learn how to become transformational leaders through mastering relationship development and building positive team dynamics.

Straightline is a Certified PI Partner
Subway Hiring Tricks
Subway Hires Smarter

Subway reduced employee turnover from 70% to 32%.

If you're in the restaurant business - we can drastically reduce your turnover.

Colorado HR Experts
Yes, YOU CAN replicate your top performers.

What would it mean to your organization if you could replicate your top-performing people? Imagine more of the absolute best people. 

What could your company look like if it was filled with highly motivated, highly engaged people who are all contributing to the culture and morale of the company?


Having the right people in the right seats will result in increased productivity, increased engagement, stronger employee retention, and increased profitability.

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