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Employee Experience Survey

Employee Experience Survey

Discover why your employees clock in and check out.

What is the Employee Experience Survey?

The Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement. It's part of the Talent Optimization framework. It provides employees a chance to provide candid, confidential feedback across four categories:


What’s so special about these four categories? They determine whether your people feel engaged or disengaged.

  • Ex) A mismatch between the employee and their job = disengagement

  • Ex) A match between the employee and their manager = engagement

  • Ex) A mismatch between the employee and the organization = disengagement

  • Ex) A match between the employee and the people on their team = engagement

In addition to the categorical questions, four questions map to overall engagement. Say goodbye to guesswork; the Employee Experience Survey gives you concrete data insights so you can understand exactly how engaged your people are—and why.

It's time to get everyone rowing in the same direction. 

Employee Experience Survey

You’re navigating a new city, trying to make your way from point A to point B. You see the address written down on a piece of paper—but you don’t know how to get there. Talk about frustrating! In the same way, the average employee experience survey provides employee engagement data—but it doesn’t tell you how to act on it. What good is that? 
Our Employee Experience Survey gives you engagement data plus a personalized action plan. It’s the
workplace equivalent to turn-by-turn directions.

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See the Employee Experience Survey In Action.

Take your company to the next level.

Employee experience matters.
Measure What matters

Too many companies are blind to their own employee realities. Don’t assume your people are engaged and bought into your vision. Know where employee engagement is strong—and where it’s suffering—with our easy-to-administer Employee Experience Survey.


Finally, there’s a framework for collecting insights about what’s driving engagement and disengagement. 

The Employee Experience Survey is just one piece of the Diagnose Solution. When the survey closes, you’ll get reports that explain why your employees feel disengaged—and what you’re doing well—so you can take action. Follow the custom action plan, attend the Take Action on Engagement workshop, or work with an Employee Experience Coach. 

What sets the Employee Experience Survey apart?

The Employee Experience Survey delivers personalized action plans. What good are engagement scores if you don’t know how to act on them? Wonder no more! Our data combined with our expertise tells you exactly what to do; it’s like turn-by-turn directions for boosting engagement.

The Employee Experience Survey also provides you with macro (company-wide) and micro (team level) reporting. Every manager with five or more employees gets their own team report. This isolates problems that aren’t widespread—but should be fixed. Team-level reporting also isolates high-performing teams. When you understand what’s working well you can use that insight to develop your other managers.

Employee Experience Consultants
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