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How to Hire Talent - Video Series

5 Lessons  |  20 Minutes to Complete

Hiring The Right Talent -- Description

Hiring is a vital strategy that you need to get right–or it could cost you. Can you say, with confidence, that every hire you’ve made has been a perfect fit for the job? More often than not, the answer to that question is “no.” Don’t worry if you’re part of the majority. The good news, this video course will help you narrow down qualified candidates by using behavioral data and industry best practices on hiring so you can make the right hire.

What you'll Learn

  • How to use behavioral data to make your hiring decisions objective rather than based on a “gut” feel.

  • The importance of creating a robust hiring pipeline.

  • How to create a job target and attract candidates to your open position.

  • Best practices for interviewing and assessing candidates.

Hiring the right talent lessons
Introduction to Course:  Hiring the right talent
Lesson 1:  Attracting the
right candidates
Lesson 2:  Taking control of your
hiring pipeline

Set the stage with this quick minute long introduction to the course. This video will explain what topics will be covered and why hiring the right talent is so important.

You can’t hire the right people if you don’t have the right candidates. This video covers how to not only create an objective job target, but also create a job advertisement that attracts the right audience.

Once you have a good pool of candidates to choose from, you need to have a valid way to narrow down your choices. This video covers how managers can be more involved in the process to better ensure the right candidates

Lesson 3:  Interviewing
Lesson 4:  Making the decision

Make sure you are on top of how your candidates are assessed. This video covers how to structure your interviews and tips to assessing a candidate.

Now that you’ve assessed your candidates, how do you make the final decision? This video covers how to prepare your team and new hire once you’re ready to make an offer.

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