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Create Great Culture


The real competitive advantage in any business is great culture.

Learn how to Build the Culture
What type of culture do you have? 
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Shared Values


What do you stand for? What won't you stand for?  Are you clear on your answers?

If asked, can everyone in your organization answer correctly?

Perhaps there is no simpler question in business, but the answer in most cases isn't as simple as the question itself. 


Because your values and mission are the foundation on which everything else is built, we focus on the creation and development of your corporate compass.  


We work with you to clearly identify and remove ambiguous words from your value statement, your mission or objective, and your overall purpose, whether your company is a third-generation business or a fast-growing start-up.  

Corporate Culture Consultants in Coordo

Clarity is your power.

Great Communication Tips

Clarity and repetition are key -- using the same language is critical to a successful culture, but more importantly, aligning your actions with those words will be the magic behind your success. 

We work with you to identify what actions you will reward and what actions will receive no praise because they are not in alignment with your values and mission. We believe in reinforcing positive behaviors to build a great organization that people "want" to be a part of. 

Building or repairing culture -- It starts with hiring smarter, and we can help.

What Is Effective Communicatio

We'll show you how.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast


Strengthening your organization’s culture goes way beyond vacation time, ping pong tables, taco Tuesdays, and company retreats. A strong culture has an incredible impact on both the happiness of employees and the company’s success. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the research says.



Statistics from New Century Financial Corporation indicate that companies with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%.



Studies by the Gallup Organization showed that businesses with highly engaged employees enjoyed 100% more job applications.



BMC Public Health found that companies with high-pressure cultures spend nearly 50% more on health care expenditures.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

This observation was made famous by management guru Peter Drucker.

So, What does that mean for you and your organization?


No matter what your business strategy or strategic plan may be, your team is responsible for its success. Too often, goals are not achieved, and lackluster results become commonplace in most organizations due to poor culture. The success of any plan or goal is held back by the people implementing the plan if the culture does not support the plan.

When the people driving the strategy aren't in alignment with their roles, they will never be passionate about achieving your business goals, or worse, are apathetic to their job and the organization. 

Whether you are creating a new culture or you need to repair damaged culture, we can help you achieve success and will help you learn about building the culture in an organization.  

Repair your culture now.

Right People, Right Seats
Company Culture

Imagine your entire team harmoniously rowing in the same direction, with the same intensity for the same goal. You can't be stopped. 

When your people are engaged and in-line with your vision, mission, and values, achieving your business goals is a foregone conclusion. 

We help you get the right people in the right seats so your team is happy -- because happy people produce great work. 

People. Your real competitive advantage

Let's build your culture with intent.

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