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Hiring with science


PI Job Assessment

1) The Job Assessment

PI Job Assessment

We begin with the PI Job Assessment. This employment assessment collects input from the hiring manager, key stakeholders, and your high performers currently in the role to craft the profile of your ideal job candidate. The resulting job target will paint an objective picture of the behavioral and cognitive requirements are for the role. 

Your new secret weapon. 

Add Science to Your Hiring Process

Take bias and gut reactions out of your hiring process by using an objective, repeatable, scientifically validated framework. We make it easy.

See how easy it can be.

PI Cognitive Assessment
3) The Cognitive Assessment
PI Cognitive Assessment

How do you know if your candidate can handle the rigors of the job you’re about to give them? You can now assess their ability to learn and adapt with the PI Cognitive Assessment. Cognitive ability is the number one predictor of job success, and ensuring that the candidate’s cognitive abilities match the job requirements is essential for success.

The single greatest predictor of candidate success.

4 Steps to successful hiring
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2) The Behavioral Assessment

Once your job requirements are established, you can invite all of your candidates to take our Behavioral Assessment. This assessment is purpose-built for evaluating people’s behaviors in the workplace and refined for over 60 years. It allows you to get a clear, unbiased picture of the person you’re evaluating—and whether they’ve got the personality & behavioral characteristics that will lead to job success.

PI Behavioral Assessment

Let's hire the best candidate.

Reduce hiring bias, and increase hiring efficiency.

Using these employment assessments will add science and remove bias from the hiring process. As results come back, you can rank candidates by how well they match your original job target. You’ll save time and effort sorting candidates, and go into an interview better prepared with the right questions.

Use assessment insights to manage people.

The benefits of employment assessments don’t end when the job offer is accepted—in fact, they’ve only just begun. Tools like Personal Development Charts, Management Strategy Guides, Relationship Guides, and Team Dynamics reports will empower managers and help them to motivate, engage, and develop each individual on their teams.

Find and hire the best candidates with ease.

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