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How to hire top talent


End the Battle to Attract, Hire, and Retain Elite Talent.

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Struggling to Find, Hire, and Retain Top Talent?

Unlock the secret to a seamless hiring process. Download our free ebook, "Hiring with Precision: The 4-Step DASH Method," and discover how to attract and secure the best candidates with ease.
Hire My Dream Team

Brace Yourself. Your Dream Team is No Longer a Fantasy.

We've deciphered the human equation through behavioral sync and cognitive prowess to forge your team of A-players.

Isn't it high time you commanded a committed, joyful, efficient team that not only stays but thrives?

Hiring Talent Made Easy
Predictive Index success Case Studies
Discover the Secret Sauce of Companies That Routinely Smash Targets.

Unearth the true financial abyss of disengaged employees.

Increased Productivity Secrets
Clone Your Top Guns.
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Picture a workforce cloned from your best. The impact? Skyrocketing productivity, engagement, retention, and profits.

We'll Demystify the Process

cultural interview
Elevate Your Interviewing Game to Unprecedented Heights.
Behavioral Interview

We train and guide you to interview better than ever before. Understand each candidate better, so you can make the best decision with each hire.

We'll teach you how to obliterate subjective and biased interviewing practices that offer zero accurate insight into your candidate's ability to perform in the position.

By utilizing the science of innate behaviors, cognitive ability, and unique job behaviors, we arm you with the power to leverage multiple data points. This enables your hiring managers to evaluate the potential similarities or dissimilarities between the behavioral requirements of the job and the behavioral needs of the candidate.

We don't just tell you what's wrong; we teach you how to do it right.

Jim Collins Hiring Secrets

The Time Has Come to Place the Ideal Individual in the Perfect Role.

Jim Collins may have coined the phrase, "Right Person, Right Seat", but we've cracked the code.


Through decades of rigorous research, we've unearthed the bedrock of a flawless hire: impeccable job alignment with an individual's core needs.

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Halt Talent Drain

EEOC hiring tips
Bulletproof Your Hiring Through Data-Driven Rigor.

Our arsenal of scientifically-backed tools adhere to the highest industry standards.

Drastically reduce your risk by adding rigor and data to your hiring process.

Cognitive Ability In The Workplace
The Ultimate Measure for Job Success: Cognitive Agility.

Whether you're a tech giant or a fledgling startup, stop hemorrhaging money on ineffective training. We empower you to pinpoint candidates with the cognitive dexterity to excel.

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Begin Recruiting the Crème de la Crème

CEO Mike McKee's Verdict on Talent Acquisition Without Our Methodology.

Hear why the CEO of ObserveIT is baffled by companies that gamble on hiring. No matter your sector, the stakes are astronomical. We equip you to assemble—and retain—an elite team.

PI American Psychological Association Approved
PI DNV GL Approved
PI Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Approved
PI is EEOC Approved
PI International Test Commission Approved

Master the Art of Predicting Candidate Success and Outmaneuver Your Rivals.

We'll unveil the science of impeccable hiring.

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