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Learn The Secrets to Hiring Top Sales Talent.

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It's time to get excited. Your Dream Team is finally within reach.

We've cracked the code to hiring the sales talent you've dreamed of. By understanding behavioral alignment and cognitive capabilities, we'll teach you how you can easily predict sales success.


You can finally create and cultivate your team of sales superstars.

Isn't it time you had an engaged, salesforce that stays, grows, and delivers?

From National Sales Teams and Account-Based Sales Teams to Sales Managers and Top Salespeople.

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Learn how to predict sales success and beat the competition to the greatest sales hires.

Let our cutting edge People Data & Analytics be your secret weapon for brilliant hiring.

Sales Success

Replicate your top sales producers.

Replicate Your Best People

What would it mean to your organization if you could replicate your top-producing salespeople? Imagine more of the absolute best people. 

What could your company look like if it was filled with highly motivated, highly engaged salespeople who are all contributing to the culture and morale of the company?


Having the right salespeople in the right seats will result in increased productivity, increased engagement, stronger employee retention, and increased profitability.

Let's get started.

Hire Top Salespeople Now
Mitigate your risk
by adding data to your hiring process.

Our tools and methodology are scientifically-validated and follow guidelines from the following.

You can drastically reduce your exposure to risk by adding rigor and data to your hiring process.

PI American Psychological Association Approved
PI DNV GL Approved
PI Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Approved
PI is EEOC Approved
PI International Test Commission Approved
Four Steps to Successful hiring
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Are you having a hard time finding and hiring the right people?

Find out how you can streamline and perfect your hiring process.

Get your FREE copy of:
"4 Steps to Successful Hiring"

Automotive Hiring Expert

It's time you got the right person in the right seat.

In his best-selling book, Good To Great, Jim Collins showed the world that the greatest companies all had the ability to get the right people in the right seats... 

We'll show you how to get the right people on your bus and in the right seats, fast.

By leveraging the absolute best science, behavioral-based tools, and interviewing techniques, we teach companies of all sizes, how to consistently find the best fit between a person’s natural ability and the organization's specific sales needs.


Yes, you can finally crush your sales goals.

Right Person in the right seat

We'll show you how.

Sales Hiring Experts

The greatest predictor of sales success:
Cognitive ability.

Countless scientific studies continue to show a direct correlation between top sales producers and high cognitive ability.


Are you selling highly engineered products with ever-changing specifications? Are you a start-up organization where things are changing at breakneck speeds?

We'll show you what to measure and how to measure it so you can consistently hire the best of the best. 


We'll show you how to stop hiring mediocre and poor performers and radically improve your odds of selecting individuals who catch on quickly, figure things out on their own, and can exceed performance expectations.

Hiring Talent made Easy

Start hiring the absolute best.

Sales Experts
CEO Mike McKee on people who don’t use our tools and our framework as part of the hiring process.

See what the CEO of ObserveIT has to say about human analytics.

And why he simply can’t understand why companies would hire anyone without it.

Whether you're a General Contractor, SaaS Company, Hotel, Law Firm, Manufacturer, Retailer, Trucking Company, Auto Dealership, Aerospace, Health Services, Defense Contractor, Agriculture, BioScience firm, Banking, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Sports Organization, University/College, Restaurant, or a Marketing firm. the stakes are too high to risk hiring mediocre people.


We'll show you how to hire a team of superstars -- and keep them from leaving you. 

Start hiring the absolute best.

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