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2022 CEO Benchmarking Report

2022 CEO

Understand how executives are approaching (and adjusting) their talent strategies to thrive in today’s world.


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How are other CEOs navigating business in 2022?

The job of an executive is tough even under stable economic conditions. Difficult decisions are compounded by the fact that sympathy is often in short supply.


Executives are making tough calls every day, navigating an uneven, and seemingly unwavering, down economy. Recession fears cloud financial projections. Supply chain ills persist. Mass attrition, already a complicated issue, is compounded as many companies make reductions in force.


With the 2022 CEO Benchmarking Report, we wanted to gauge current executive priorities. We asked about all of the above, and then some. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Success is a moving target. Even organizations that are humming along are wary of what’s to come. Your strategy, as well as the expenses you deem essential, may be dictated by your industry, your resources, your clients, and your people.


In trying to balance all these moving parts, one theme resurfaced repeatedly: Successful businesses (and their leaders) understand the need to stay fluid. They see the value in flexibility, open-mindedness, and a willingness to iterate, err, and acknowledge missteps. That approach applies to everything from budget cuts to a public stance on prominent social issues.

By being agile, and vulnerable, these leaders are putting their people first, and finding prosperity in the process.

Senior leaders struggle with common challenges.

These are some of the top problems executives face—regardless of the industry they work in.

Straightline Consulting Group
We are Talent Optimizers

YOU have the power to create that kind of organization.


No matter where you are in your talent strategy journey, you can build it up and see it soar.


We're here to help you by providing the tools and training to develop your people plan and align it with your business plan so you can achieve your business goals. 

Start hiring and keeping the right people.

Learn to Thrive and Not Just Survive.

Some people-focused organizations got ahead of the curve in 2020, learning how to do more with less at a time when uncertainty hit unprecedented heights. Others pride themselves on being human above all else, and may weather the economic storm through their culture, cohesion, and continuity.


Talent optimization is the discipline that supports these principles. It’s founded on the idea that people can thrive when put in roles that play to their strengths and accommodate their strongest behavioral tendencies. It’s also rooted in the belief that skills can generally be taught, if you hire people with the right temperament and heart.


Knowing your company’s identity—and letting your mission, values, and ideals guide your talent strategy—will fortify you for the foreseeable future. In doing so, your business will improve its odds at accurate hiring, while supporting employee engagement, development, and growth. Retention and resignation become less pressing concerns when those other priorities are solid.


People will remember those companies well after the economic downturn—and more specifically, they’ll remember the people that drove those companies and led accordingly.

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