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Find, Hire, & Keep Top Talent


Turn Talent into Your Unfair Advantage.

We're Your Blueprint for Unbeatable Excellence.

Join the Elite Circle: 500+ Businesses Excel with Talent Optimization

Our high-performing clients are dominating, and they're not holding back. Witness their meteoric rise in Employee Engagement.

Hardrock Hotel
Massage Envy Hires Talent
Husqvarna Hires Top Talent
Formstack hiring secrets
AutoNation Hiring Talent
Infineon Technologies

Our customer service ratings shot up and employee turnover slashed by over half. Coincidence? I think not.

Harold Jackson

Subway | Franchise Owner

Learn How They Did It

Attrition? What attrition? Our sales shot up 21% after we mastered Sales Hiring. Period.

Susan Ross

DocuSign | Sr. Dir of Recruiting

Learn How They Did It

With Predictive Index insights, we're not just functioning; we're dominating.

Daniel Light

Chick-fil-A | Talent Director

Learn How They Did It

Tired of lagging in Talent Retention? Align with the leaders.

2023 State of Talent Optimization Report

FREE RESOURCE - Talent Optimization Report.

Time to shred your outdated HR playbook. Discover what really works in Hiring and Talent Retention.

Talent Optimization Solutions. No Generic Fixes Here.

You think elite athletes skimp on coaching? Neither should you in Talent and Employee Engagement. Our solutions are tailor-made, ROI-centric, and risk-mitigating.

Tailored Talent Strategies:

We dig deep to understand your unique Hiring challenges and culture, crafting a strategy that’s as unique as your DNA.

Profitable Talent Investment:

This isn't a cost; it's a leveraged investment in Talent Optimization boasting a Wall Street-enviable ROI of over 20x.

Financial Ruin vs. Financial Boom:

A wrong hire isn’t just an HR hiccup; it’s a recipe for Financial Drain. Avoid bad hires and save up to 60% of an employee’s annual salary.

Comprehensive Talent Packages:

From proprietary software to hands-on workshops, conquer Talent Retention and Employee Engagement at every scale.

Swift Implementation:

Zero to Talent Optimization in two to six weeks, minimizing operational disruption.

Adaptive Pricing:

Whether a startup or a multinational, our pricing adapts to your Hiring Talent needs.

Future-Proof Talent:

With us, you’re not just filling roles; you’re building a Talent Dynasty.

How to hire top talent

Ditch The Struggle. Own The Talent Game.

You're not in business to settle. You're in it to win it with Employee Engagement. Here's how:
Hiring Talent Made Easy

End the hiring guesswork. We arm you with the science and training for bulletproof hires.

Team Design Made Easy

Don't hope for a stellar team; blueprint it with our Talent Optimization strategies.

Building Culture Made Easy

Deploy actionable tools to craft a culture that decimates the competition.

Sales Team Experts & Consultants
Fast-Track Your Talent Optimization Domination

3 Steps to turn your organization into a magnet for High-Performing Teams.

Call Straightline Consulting Group

1. Talk

Lay down your Talent and Employee Engagement challenges. Let's craft your strategy.

The Straightline Consulting Group Success Plan

2. Plan

Get a customized Talent Success Action Plan. No generic nonsense.

Straightline Consulting Launch

3. Execute

Launch your Talent Optimization revolution with our educational sessions.

Ready to redefine Talent in your industry?

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