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Straightline Methodology


Valid, reliable, tools that give you powerful, proven, scientific, measurable results.

Predictive Index Methodology


Our methodology leverages science, technology, and knowledge transfer to help you reach maximum velocity toward your business objectives. Once an assessment is completed, the answers are interpreted according to a four-factor personality model. Based on the respondent's results, we can predict overall workplace behaviors. 

Our methodology uses knowledge transfer to help address talent acquisition, talent development, change management, and growth strategy initiatives in a business setting. In addition to our flagship Behavioral Assessment, Straightline Consulting also utilizes a  Job Assessment and Cognitive Assessment in evaluating your talent to determine their best fit in the organization based on their natural skills and behaviors. 

PI Basics


There are significant financial consequences of making a poor hire, including recruiting costs, lost productivity, poor performance, and low morale, opportunity loss, and potential customer loss. No organization can afford to make a bad hire or lose that hire before their potential is realized. Talent acquisition is the critical process of finding, assessing, and acquiring talent to meet the company’s goals. It involves pre-employment testing and also includes the essential onboarding process once the hire is made.


Our Behavioral Assessment and Cognitive Assesment take the guesswork out of the selection process by defining the behavioral requirements of the job and identifying the natural behavioral drives of the candidate. This allows for a fit/gap analysis between the position's job pattern and a candidate's behavioral pattern. The Behavioral Assessment also gives critical insights into the candidate’s training and talent management needs to support the onboarding process.

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Talent Acquisition
Talent Development Tools


Talent Development

For organizations to be successful in today’s competitive environment, they must have the very best people leading and motivating employees at all levels of the organization. However, organizational leadership that motivates and drives staff performance does not happen by accident; it requires talent management skills and knowing how to identify and develop top talent into leaders of today and tomorrow. Whether it is leadership coaching for an employee to meet their individual goals, succession planning to ensure long-term success, or team building to build trust and improve internal communication, leaders today must be diverse and innovative to get the job done.


We use science to provide insight into your leaders’ natural behaviors and styles, how they engage with others, and their role in team leadership dynamics. Our methodology provides the insight necessary to groom your high-potential talent and help you engage and retain those employees who will contribute to your company’s long-term success.


Change Management is about understanding people and their behaviors. Organizations that understand how to communicate and implement change in step with the behavioral needs of their employees are poised for success; to do that, organizations around the world are turning to behavioral assessments to uncover those employee insights to anticipate and react to employee behaviors. Our methodology is especially useful for you during times of organizational transition, such as culture shift, mergers, and acquisitions, or when there is new leadership.


With our system, you can quickly and accurately gain critical insights into an individual’s behavioral needs. Our Behavioral Assessment foundation empowers you to:


  • Objectively evaluate an employee’s readiness for change.

  • Anticipate how individuals and teams will respond to the change.

  • Identify the most appropriate ways to engage employees and teams in the change process.

  • Communicate the purpose and benefits of the change in a way that resonates with all stakeholders.

Change Management Made Easy
Change Management
Growth Strategy Tools


Stratagic Planning

Having the right people on your bus is fundamental for your strategic business growth, and no growth strategy can be complete without identifying the talent requirements necessary to meet the organization’s future goals. You need to have a clear map of the existing talent in your organization and your future workforce requirements. Our Behavioral Assessment in conjunction with Talent Optimization can help you plan for tomorrow by providing an objective look at the behavioral drives, capacities, and motivations of the sales professionals and managers you have today.


To achieve your revenue goals, our Growth Strategy focus area empowers you with the knowledge to meet your sales-related talent acquisition and development challenges. You can rely on our powerful combination of data provided by The Behavioral Assessment,  Job Assessment, and Cognitive Assessment. Armed with these three perspectives, you can understand the skill sets of your people; both their strengths and areas that require training and coaching. For any employee, it can serve as the foundation for a talent management plan.

Growth Strategy
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Learn how people science empowers you to predict job performance.

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