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Design your team and culture intentionally.


Many companies cobble together employees without considering team dynamics, and they appoint leaders who might be excellent individual contributors but who lack the self-awareness and/or motivation needed to effectively inspire employees.


When teams and leaders are designed ad hoc like this, results suffer.


When the design of the organization, its leadership, its culture, and its team dynamics are approached intentionally and strategically -- supported by people data, companies have a significantly better chance of achieving their desired business objectives.


The right organizational structure is one that’s aligned with your business strategy.


Organizations that follow the talent optimization discipline have structures that are purposefully chosen and carefully planned -- not merely a result of uncoordinated forces and influences that build up over time. A clear business strategy provides the context for an effective organizational structure.

Team & Organizational Structure


Design Your Team With Intent

A core tenet of talent optimization is the need to take an objective, data-driven approach to align people with the business context, and this starts with mapping leadership competencies to your business strategy.


We then evaluate which competencies your senior leaders have—and which competencies they’ll need to develop to execute the business strategy.


Lastly, we identify gaps between the leadership abilities needed and those present in an individual senior leader or a group of senior leaders, as we turn our attention to closing those gaps.


Your senior leadership team must work well together to execute your strategy, and the best way to ensure team synergy is by understanding team dynamics.



Having an awareness of what each leader is good at, and where each leader might need to stretch and develop new skills, is critical. When everyone on the leadership team has this awareness, individual and team productivity blooms.


A well-functioning senior team is also key to establishing your culture and influencing your organizational behavior.



When the team at the top takes decisive action and communicates well among themselves -- when they demonstrate self-awareness and a willingness to grow, they set the tone for the rest of the organization.

Team Dynamics By Design
PI For Sales Leaaders


Build a sales team that consistently crushes their goals.


Design Your Culture

Any senior team should view establishing their company culture as one of their most important activities as leaders. Culture is a result of deliberate, intentional action.


Not only should an organization’s structure have tight alignment with the organization’s business strategy, but a purpose-built culture should also be consistent with that strategy.

Culture, along with organizational structure, is a lever that the most successful leaders use to drive performance.

We help leaders purposefully shift an organization’s culture by modeling your desired behaviors.

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