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2 Ways to Enhance Your Presence and Leadership

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

“We’re ranking everybody every minute of the day.” – Arthur Miller, playwright

If you lead a company, your employees watch your every move: what you’re wearing, who you’re talking to, what you said, how you said it. That’s why it’s so important to bring your best self to work every day.

According to motivational speaker and actor, Michael Allosso, the skills that make an actor successful are the same skills that make a business leader successful. Honing these skills will allow you to bring your best self to work.

Here are two skills to build to enhance your presence and leadership:

Energy and enthusiasm

Energy and enthusiasm

It’s not easy to be on all the time. But as a leader, you owe it to your people to be your best self. Allosso encouraged leaders to think like an actor: If you need downtime, go in your “trailer” and close the door. When you come out, come out energized.

People think they’re tired at the end of the day because they were on all day. But actually, Allosso explained, most of us are erratic and sporadic with our energy. We’re more energetic around those we don’t know well and less energetic around those who know and love us best. And this inconsistency is what tires us out.

“Energy begets energy. Lethargy begets lethargy.” – Michael Allosso

Reminding yourself to be energetic and enthusiastic is especially important when you’re having a bad day. Don’t go down the “woe is me” hole. As Allosso said, the moment you think your problem is the biggest problem in the room, change your mindset.

Focus and concentration

Don’t be that boss that flips through materials while your employee is presenting. Not only is it rude, it sends the message that you don’t value your employee—and that person will feel devalued. Practice focus, concentration, and active listening.

When a leader has focus, people won’t recognize it as focus, Allosso noted. They won’t say, “Wow, he has focus!” They’ll say, “Wow, he respects you.”

And bring that focus home with you. Oftentimes, Allosso said, it’s our spouses and our kids who get the worst version of us. When you’re at the dinner table checking your phone, your loved ones will feel devalued. Focus on them and listen to what they say.

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