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5 ways to build confidence in a new hire

No matter how you slice it, being the new person at any organization requires a big step into unfamiliar territory.

So how do you go about building confidence with your new hire? Below are 5 suggestions that you and your team can leverage to get a new team member up and running in no time.

Be a beacon of your culture.

Every organization has a culture. Encourage new hires to internalize key elements of your organization’s core values to help them understand it better. Ensure your existing team takes the time to clearly explain and walk your new hire through your core values at both the organizational and team levels. As a team, your core values might incorporate the Triangle of Trust framework that Patrick Lencioni lays out in his book The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

According to the framework, out of trust comes constructive conflict; out of constructive conflict comes commitment; out of commitment comes accountability; out of accountability comes results. Knowing this framework can help you understand what your company, as well as your team, values. Regardless of what your organization’s values are, building employee confidence by clearly articulating those values is key.

Create a bespoke onboarding program.

Because people are wired and learn differently, onboarding is not one size fits all and getting a new employee ramped up efficiently is essential. Some people prefer to take ownership of their onboarding process and set up their own meetings, while others appreciate it when their onboarding program is more structured.

As you’re building out a new employee’s onboarding program, spend time getting to know who they are and how they learn before they start and work to align their onboarding program accordingly.

Set clear expectations.

Tell your new hire what you expect from them and when you expect it to be complete. Consider setting up a Trello board for your new hires with the steps you want your new hire to complete in their onboarding process and the timeline for completing each step.

With so much to learn during onboarding, help your new hire prioritize where they should spend their time and start contributing.

Check-in often.

To ensure your new team member starts off on the right foot, set up weekly 1:1s with them to discuss progress, blockers, and goals. Having this designated time every week to celebrate milestones and work through stressors to help them feel comfortable and confident that they are moving in the right direction. Having that coaching and guidance early on will help them move through the onboarding period quickly so they can gain the knowledge they need to start contributing to the team.

Once your new hire starts, make sure to establish a consistent cadence for touching base with them so you can understand how they feel things are going.

Be transparent.

Not only should you ask your new hire how they think it’s going, but you should be open about areas of opportunity. Use your 1:1s to go over any feedback you may have for your new hire. Creating that transparent dialogue helps to build trust and shows your new hire that you are committed to their success.

Even though they’re new, help them to develop good habits early on by course-correcting when necessary.

Being new is hard and welcoming a new employee to the team isn’t a one-person job, it’s truly a team effort. That said, when done correctly, the confidence you’ll inspire in your new hire will form the basis of a strong and productive team relationship.

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