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Mastering the Art of Candidate Selection: A Guide to Talent Optimization

Finding and hiring the best candidate for an open position is one of the most important processes in any organization. Bad hires can cost companies 30% to 2X of their salary, and bad managers can actively drive other employees away, even your best people. Therefore, selecting the best talent for any given position is essential to the success of any organization.

The Candidate Selection Process

The recruitment process can vary between organizations, but a comprehensive process should include the following steps:

Create a candidate profile.

A candidate profile describes the ideal candidate and keeps the hiring team aligned. It helps you focus on the most important skills and traits and write a better job ad.

Create and post a job ad.

The job ad should market the company and team culture, as even qualified candidates might not be good hires if they don’t match the culture.

Find the right resumes.

You can use an ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, to narrow down your candidate pool, but you should still take a closer look at the remaining applications before you put together your final shortlist.

Screen your best candidates.

The best screening tool is a phone call with a recruiter. Ask basic interview questions and use this initial interview as an informal background check.

Leverage behavioral data.

Pre-employment assessments, such as our Predictive Index Job Assessment, can give you a deep understanding of whether a candidate is a natural fit for the role.

Use strategic interviews to improve candidate selection.

Tailor your interview to the candidate’s possible weaknesses and focus on specific questions.

Talent Optimization

Talent optimization is the overarching concept that links these six steps together. It's the discipline of aligning your people strategy with your business strategy. By utilizing a scientific, data-driven approach to candidate selection, you can reduce turnover, increase employee engagement, and ultimately drive business growth.

To learn more about Talent Optimization, contact Straightline Consulting Group, a certified Talent Optimization consulting firm that serves clients from all industries nationwide. Straightline is filled with experienced talent optimization educators who can help you optimize your candidate selection process and drive business growth.

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