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The Unfair Advantage: How Knowing Human Behavior Gives You an Edge in the Workplace

As the saying goes, people are the most important asset in any organization. But if you're a manager or business owner, you know that managing people is not always easy. This is especially true when it comes to understanding and managing their behavior. After all, human behavior can be unpredictable and mysterious, and when it comes to the workplace, it can have a big impact on organizational performance. Fortunately, we do have ways of understanding and managing behavior that can help us build stronger and more cohesive teams and improve organizational performance overall.

One of the most important theories to understand when it comes to human behavior is Trait Theory. According to this theory, a combination of genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of our personalities. Traits are best thought of as habits of behavior, thought patterns, and emotions. They produce a drive to behave in a certain way, and they are relatively stable over time.

For example, if you are a naturally extraverted person, you will likely be social in a variety of situations, and you probably have been for quite some time. Knowing that you are strongly extraverted doesn't tell us how you will specifically behave in a given situation, but it does provide us with a predictable range of behaviors that we can expect you to exhibit.

Understanding the inherent behaviors of a person trumps a resume, experience, a GPA, and even references. This is how we build great teams and find the perfect person for each position.

So how can we use this knowledge to improve organizational performance? Here are a few key strategies:

Focus on individual differences:

As the original article notes, one of the main reasons for poor organizational performance is a lack of awareness and appreciation of individual differences among workers. By understanding the unique traits and behaviors of each team member, you can better tailor your management and communication strategies to their needs. This can help build trust and engagement, which in turn can lead to higher productivity and better overall performance.

Create a culture of psychological safety:

In order for individuals to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas, they need to feel psychologically safe. This means that they feel that they won't be judged, criticized, or penalized for speaking up. When individuals feel safe to express themselves, they are more likely to be engaged and innovative, which can lead to improved performance.

Provide ongoing feedback and coaching:

Another key strategy is to provide ongoing feedback and coaching to individuals based on their unique traits and behaviors. This can help them improve their skills and abilities, and also help them feel more engaged and supported in their roles. By providing regular feedback, you can also help individuals feel more connected to their work and to the organization as a whole.

Build diverse and inclusive teams:

Finally, it's important to build teams that are diverse and inclusive. This means that you actively seek out individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. By doing so, you can create a more creative and innovative team that is better able to solve complex problems and adapt to changing circumstances. Additionally, by promoting inclusivity, you can help ensure that everyone feels valued and respected, which can lead to better overall performance.

In conclusion, understanding human behavior is key to improving organizational performance. By focusing on individual differences, creating a culture of psychological safety, providing ongoing feedback and coaching, and building diverse and inclusive teams, you can help create a more engaged, productive, and successful organization. So take the time to get to know your team members and their unique traits and behaviors, and use this knowledge to help them reach their full potential.

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