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Why Your Job Postings Are Attracting the Wrong Candidates (And What to Do Instead)

Hiring for the future is a great goal, but it can be challenging to find candidates who are forward-thinking when job postings and interview questions are focused on the past. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when recruiting new hires and what you can do instead to attract top talent who can take your company into the future.

Update your job descriptions.

Poorly written résumés are a symptom of poorly written job postings.

If you want candidates who are looking to innovate and move forward, your job postings need to reflect that. Instead of listing tasks that the new hire will be responsible for, highlight what you are looking for in terms of the candidate's future contributions to the company.

Encourage candidates to submit a cover letter that speaks to their vision for the future and how they can help your company achieve its goals.

Open up about real problems.

Sure, you want to keep things confidential, but a candidate can't give you insight into your problems if you don't let them know your company's issues.

When you are open about your company's challenges and pain points, you give candidates a chance to demonstrate how they can help solve these problems. This approach helps you identify candidates who have the skills and expertise needed to drive your company forward.

Stop focusing on open-ended theoretical interview questions.

Asking candidates to talk about past experiences can be informative, but it won't necessarily help you identify future-forward thinkers. Instead, provide candidates with a scenario or situation and ask how they would approach it. This question will give you a better understanding of how the candidate thinks and approaches problems.

To attract top talent who can take your company into the future, it's essential to avoid focusing on the wrong things during the hiring process. Update your job descriptions, be open about your company's challenges, and use interview questions that focus on the future. And if you need help optimizing your talent acquisition process, call Straightline Consulting Group, a certified Talent Optimization consultancy that serves clients throughout the United States and Canada. Don't wait—start attracting top talent today!

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