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The Fallacy of "Good Enough": Why Your Mediocrity is a Time Bomb

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Let’s get one thing straight: If you’re sitting there thinking your business is “good,” I have one word for you—dangerous. The very notion of “good” is the antithesis of ambition, the enemy of progress, the killer of dreams. "Good" is a mirage in the desert of aspiration, and that mirage is leading you far, far away from the oasis of greatness.

The Devil You Know

I had a client once say to me, “AJ, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't." This statement is a tragedy clothed as wisdom. It’s a proclamation of surrender, an admission that you’ve given up on something better. Three years later, this same client raised their standards and now stands as a leader in their sector. What changed? They stopped embracing the devil they knew and started challenging it.

"Good" is not your friend; it’s your enemy.

The Illusion of Safety in Mediocrity

Yes, running a business is hard, but resigning yourself to mediocrity is nothing short of an entrepreneurial death sentence. You might think you're staying afloat because you're "good," but let me shatter that illusion: You're floating because your competitors are even worse than you are. You haven’t won; you've settled.

You Stand for What You Tolerate

The moment you settle for "good enough," it's not just a reflection of your business decisions; it establishes a precedent in your organizational culture. A wise friend once told me, "You stand for what you tolerate." This statement invites a moment of introspection: What values am I truly upholding? Accepting mediocrity doesn't just allow it to persist; it fosters an environment where it becomes the norm. When we tolerate less than excellence, we inadvertently adopt it as our standard.

The New Kids on The Block

Imagine a new entrant comes into your market and starts to gobble up market share. You, armed with your “good enough” philosophy, are blindsided. Why? Because their "good enough" was better than yours. They didn’t just bring a new product or service; they brought a new standard. The newcomers are the universe's way of telling you that your "good" was never good enough.

The Unspoken Cost of "Good"

Let's be brutally honest here: if you're "good," then you're surviving, not thriving. You may be wondering, "What's so wrong with that?" Here's the grim reality: Your 'good' is only relative to the terrible performance of your competitors. You're not winning; they're just losing more spectacularly than you are. Is it impossible for YOU to be any better than you are today? Think about it. When a newcomer enters your sector with a better product, service, or customer experience, your 'good' will become the industry's 'not good enough,' and you'll be playing catch-up—or worse, closing shop.

The Rallying Cry

Wake up! "Good" is not your friend; it’s your enemy. It's the nemesis of "great" and the antithesis of "extraordinary." Is it impossible for YOU to be any better than you are today? If that question unsettles you, it should. At Straightline Consulting Group, we don't do "good enough." We align your talent with your vision in a relentless pursuit of excellence. Contact us if you're ready to obliterate the word "good" from your corporate vocabulary.

Is it impossible for YOU to be any better than you are today?

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